Pinnacle TIMS is an ideal solution for Training Providers. It helps training organisations and departments to manage their entire business and operations on finger-tips. Pinnacle is an integrated web-based system that focuses on making training administration easier, helps to deliver courses and training sessions on-time, and measure your business performance with real-time dashboard and reporting. Pinnacle is easy, intuitive and comprehensive application that surely proves to be an asset for any training center. Below are some of the key business benefits of our solution.


Develop Your Brand

When it comes to develop a brand value and winning more deals, it is mainly based on the ability to communicate the “Value” benefit to the clients. ‘Pinnacle’ assures to achieve operational excellence which definitely adds that “Value” which will be translated to business.

Simplify Processes

Processes could be more time-consuming for training center staff or students. Pinnacle TIMS improve efficiency by streamlining and automating manual processes allowing your business to focus on generating more revenue.

Course Profitability

Your Training Center might offer variety of Courses. Every Course may have associated expenses. Pinnacle TIMS records your revenue and expense based on each course to generate a course-wise profitability report.

Simplify Decision-Making

Business growth is all about making right decisions at right time. Pinnacle TIMS helps you analyse and compare your real-time data with different dimensions of your business with extreme simplicity.

Enhance Repeat Business

Pinnacle TIMS offers effective business tools which will create a wonderful learning experience for delegates and corporates. This directly impacts on customer satisfaction resulting in more referrals and repeat business.

24×7 Online Support

24×7 Online Support System ensures that every client is up and running all the time. Our team takes care of every support ticket generated in our system with minimum response time.

Easy to Customize

We surely believe that every Institute and Training Center is different from other. Pinnacle is strong enough to accept any kind of customization.

Boost Your Sales

“Sales” is a back-bone of every organization. Pinnacle TIMS has a very strong in-built CRM system that helps your sales team to make strong follow-ups with prospects and convert them into opportunities.


Placement Tests

Placement Tests are designed to give students and staff a quick way of assessing the approximate level of a student’s knowledge before enrolling them to certain courses. Pinnacle “Placement Tests” are designed to test language, listening, speaking and writing skills based on the nature of the course.


Every business has competition. Pinnacle offers in-built Evaluation system which allows your students to provide you with a feedback which can help you to improvise your service to stay ahead of competition. It generates reports and calculates the score automatically based on the student response.


We understand the challenges of a typical sales cycle. ‘Pinnacle’ gives your sales team the power to score more wins, increase productivity, and keep the pipeline filled with solid leads.

Central Calendar

Centralized calendar helps the staff to view their tasks, appointments, follow-ups, course schedules, important events, payment reminders all in one place ensuring proactively highlighting the tasks and events that requires immediate actions and manage any conflicts between the two calendar events.

Multi Lingual Interface

We respect your local language and we are more than happy to provide you with an interface in your local language in addition to the default ‘English’ interface. Pinnacle TIMS can adopt all kinds of languages to increase system adoption all over the world.

Global Operations

You may have training centers in different countries or you may be dealing with different currencies. With Pinnacle TIMS you can easily manage your businesses across different regions. At the end, you may have a segmented or consolidated reports of your entire business.

Dashboard & Reporting

Data Analysis is the “Key” to understand customer trends and to position training business ahead of the curve. ‘Pinnacle’ Real-time dashboard and reporting; Owners, Training Managers and Staff can execute right decisions at right time. 

Business On-the-Go

Pinnacle TIMS is a comprehensive web-based application that provides business mobility anytime anywhere. Information on-the-go is very much essential for every business in today’s world. Pinnacle TIMS keeps you connected with your business 24 x 7.

0-Educate Training Center – Qatar
5-Pitman Training Center
3-Green International
2-Enertech Training Center
1-Victoria Institute for English

Key Features

  • Student Profile
  • Enrollment & RegistrationSystem will have "Private" enrollments for individuals and "Corporate" registrations for training conducted for companies and their employees.
  • Enrollment CancellationStudent may opt to quit the course in the middle. This may result in enrollment cancellation. Training center may give refund to the students based on their policy.
  • Course ManagementManage Courses with their respective categories & sub-categories or topics
  • CertificationPrinting course certificates
  • Course ScheduleEach course schedule gets associated with Trainer, Training Venue and Date/Time
  • Course Topic-Level ScheduleEach Course Topics may have a separate schedule
  • Change ScheduleSchedules may change temporary for a day or two. There could be a change in time, venue or trainer for one or more than one day.
  • Track Expenses
  • Receive PaymentsPrinting Receipts on Receiving Payments from Students.
  • Manage InstallmentsManage and track payments made by Students in multiple installments
  • Trainer Profile
  • Trainer CommissionAssign Trainer commission on a fixed amount or a percentage separately for each course.
  • Transfer ScheduleStudents might opt to change their schedules in the middle of the course term.
  • Issue Course Material
  • Calendar EventsCreate Events and allocate resources. Invite attendees and track their attendance as well.
  • Student AttendanceProvision to record student attendance and maintain their attendance history against each course.
  • CRMManage Leads, Opportunities, Follow-up Activities, Tasks, Appointments, Call Logs, Sales Commission, Sales Target, Sales Pipeline and much more...
  • Exam ScoreProvision for trainer to enter score/marks for a particular subject or course.
  • Learning TrackLearning Track allows to create long-term courses which may have multiple courses included.
  • Course Category SchedulingCreate a common schedule for all your courses that falls under same category.
  • Real-time Notifications for CRMUsers are notified real-time on completion of important activities in CRM.
  • Trainer Leave ManagementProvision to record leave taken by Trainer. This helps user to manage ongoing course schedules.
  • Trainer EvaluationProvision to allow Students to evaluate Trainers with multiple criteria